A Step Towards Building Your Credibility.
About Credit Note

Did you know that a person needs to build his Credit Score to achieve Financial and Social Credibility. Credit Note will help individuals and any merchants/vendors to build their Credibility. Just start tracking and paying all your bills, right from your house hold recurring monthly bills, utility bills to local grocer bills. Now pay all your recurring invoices online to your vendors.

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App Features
More Features
Customer / Vendor Database

With Credit Note shop owners will be able to generate their loyal customer base with all details. This is a big asset for any business owners. On the other side customer will have all contact details of all their vendor or local shops in one place.

Replaces Red Diary for Merchants

Credit Note replaces the Red Diary for Merchants, Vendors, Shop Owners or Professionals and Calendar for Individuals to track their day to day accounting with grocers or milk man. All the credit given or taken and settlements can be noted in Credit Note application. The same records are maintained on the customer side as well.

Hassle Free

Anyone using Credit Note will save on money and time. No more disputes with customers over credit amount given and no hassle in writing and maintaining in diary.

Advertise & Search Subscriptions

Subscription vendors can advertise their subscription products like milk, tea coffee services etc for their area and increase the business revenue. Any one can search for any subscriptions they wish to start like milk, news paper, meals.

Kind Words
  • A handy app to make a note of all small but important things like milk vendors where you miss making note in calander due to busy schedule but now it's handy. We usually do TTMM when friends go out,easy to keep accounts on amount need to pay and to receive.
    IT Professional
  • Best to track my patients outstanding payments. I am a dentist and need to track payments of patient after every treatment seating. Its very easy and interesting thing is I can remind the patients about outstanding amount with a click. Would love to see online payment too.
    Dr Aarti.
  • Authorised Credit Tracking. Superb App. It is very fast and easy to use for sending monthly invoices and track the payment history. Sends instant message to borrower for approval of bills. It's Good for a man like me who often forget things.
    Business Owner
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